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Kashmir hash, also known as “Kashmir kush hash” for those in the inner circles, is a cannabis product extraordinaire that hails from the shadowy and mystical regions of the Himalayas. Yes, the very same Himalayas that are home to the snow-capped peaks and whispering winds.


This region, which includes parts of Pakistan, has a rich (and somewhat hush-hush) history of hashish production. You could say they’ve been at it since hash was cool… wait, hash has always been cool.


So, what’s the secret sauce behind Kashmir hash? Essentially, it’s the separation and compression of trichomes (those tiny, shiny, sticky crystals on your bud) from the cannabis plant. 


This age-old technique of craftsmanship results in a potent concoction highly concentrated in THC, the very substance that sends you on your magic carpet ride. 

Indian Kashmir Hash

PriceFrom C$10.00
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