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If you’re in search of the purest, most potent cannabis experience, look no further than THC diamonds.


What Are THC Diamonds?

THC diamonds are concentrated crystal extracts of larger-than-usual size that contain THCA molecules in their natural state (which transform into THC when you add heat).


Like crystals, the real draw of THC diamonds is the fact that they are almost 100% pure THC.


THC diamonds are a highly-concentrated form of cannabis that hold the potential to achieve 100% purity. That triple-digit number means that when you take one hit, you get nothing else but pure, unadulterated THC.


So, if one of your favorite strong strains of marijuana tops out at 25% THC, just imagine what 100% will feel like.


Skywalker OG THCA Diamonds (THC 98%)

PriceFrom C$35.00
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